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Arik F. Palmer was born in 1970 in Lausanne, Switzerland although he remains a U.S. citizen.  After graduating from an art academy in Neuchatel, he has utilised his Lausanne studio for creative work since 1993.


He is a multidisciplinary artist who employs a wide variety of styles and mediums. These include painting and drawing as well as sculpture in iron, clay, resin and wood. His artistic productions are always striking whether purely figurative or abstract. They are infused with sensitivitiy and contain a great deal of movement, sometimes in a rather large format. 


Arik generally paints in oil on canvas.
In 2002, he abandoned the use of brushes in favour of creating a lively surface with a palate knife wherein thick strokes produce intense colours and contrasts.
He always paints on the spot, whether urban landscapes or portraits, so as to project his ‘inner universe’. In this way, he has formed an original symbolism which plunges the viewer into the subject matter, producing a feeling of amplitude and serenity. He was selected and authorised by the municipality of Lausanne to work on the construction site of the new city metro. The resulting paintings were on display in several locations and show sensitive and strangely beautiful views of what's usually hidden. 


Considerable strength issues from his three dimensional works, inviting the viewer to touch and caress the surfaces be they rough or smooth, cold or sensuous. While on exhibit in Neuchatel, his ‘found objects’ in metal facinated the viewers as they were able to make the pieces move.
A film was produced which features his metal sculptures in action. His wood sculpture titled "The Jack-Rabbit" is a supurb study of motion and a sinuous giant made of grapevine roots expresses to perfection the muscular, male figure.


Arik F. Palmer is active in various artistic fields such as writing, photography, design and installations. He also gives art courses in his studio and does graphic and artistic work on command.

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